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Huffman Real Estate Project


When a powerhouse like Huffman Real Estate, with its strong foundation in integrity, stability, and tenacity, came to us with a vision to modernize their brand, we knew we were onto something special. They don’t just deal in properties; they deal in futures, forging a legacy in the commercial real estate landscape of Fort Worth.

Project Scope

  1. Website Design: Huffman’s passion for property deserved a digital domain that encapsulated the soul of Fort Worth’s commercial landscape. We cooked up a sleek, intuitive website that stands tall, just like their properties.
  2. Property Search Functionality: In a fast-moving market, accessibility is key. We embedded a cutting-edge property search tool to their site, making it easier for clients to scout, search, and secure their future spaces.
  3. Digital Brochure & Business Cards: Digital or print, Huffman’s brand message needed consistency. With a blend of their traditional values and our design thinking, we crafted brochures and business cards that resonate with Fort Worth’s business community.

Project Highlights

  • Tenant Representation: Their client-first approach now shines brighter. We highlighted Huffman’s commitment to understand and prioritize client needs, paving a clear path for every transaction.
  • Property Leasing and Sales: Our designs underscore Huffman’s nuanced understanding of the local market and their agility in action. Clients now have a digital compass to navigate the vast world of buying, selling, and leasing.
  • Property Management: A great property deserves great management. We’ve brought to the fore Huffman’s relentless quest to maximize ROI and their dedication to the trust their clients bestow upon them.

The Result

Huffman Real Estate’s digital rebirth paints a picture of a real estate giant, deeply rooted in Fort Worth traditions but with an eye fixed firmly on the future. Their services, values, and ambitions are now accessible with a click, tap, or swipe.

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We've built a reputation in brick and mortar, but Made in Fort Worth has given us a newfound stature in the digital realm. The seamless blend of our legacy with today's tech is a masterstroke!

Huffman Real Estate