HASEN Construction

Web Design & Development, Video Production, Photography, Digital Brochure

Web Design & Development

HASEN Construction, a leading Design-Build commercial construction company based in Fort Worth.

Our mission was to design and develop a modern, clean website that effectively showcased HASEN Construction’s impressive portfolio of work. The design needed to reflect the professionalism and industry-leading status of HASEN, while also creating an engaging, user-friendly experience for site visitors. We took a deep dive into HASEN Construction’s ethos, portfolio, and market positioning to create a website design that truly embodied their brand. We pursued a modern, clean aesthetic to ensure the focus remained on their portfolio, allowing their high-quality projects to take center stage.

The final product is a sleek, modern website that not only showcases HASEN Construction’s extensive portfolio but also offers an immersive visual experience through high-quality videos and photographs. We’re proud to have helped HASEN Construction enhance their online presence, better connecting them with potential clients and showcasing their industry-leading design-build expertise.

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Video Production

In addition to the website, we provided professional videography and photography services. We visited some of HASEN’s project sites and captured stunning visuals that highlighted their design-build capabilities and the breadth of their expertise. These media assets played a pivotal role in bringing the portfolio to life, enabling site visitors to virtually experience the quality and detail of HASEN’s work.