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When is it time for a Rebrand?

By October 5, 2022No Comments

Let’s say you’ve had your clothing business for over 5 years – so many things have changed within that short time frame. TikTok became the top social media platform, your employees are now working remotely after the COVID 19 pandemic, and neutral colors are what’s in style at the moment. A rebranding is definitely needed to keep up with the ever-changing customer base in order to modernize it, advertise it, and keep your target audience attracted. There are many aspects to consider when thinking about when to rebrand your business.

Do your Platforms need a “Facelift”?

If your website or social media platform does not portray anything modern or engaging enough to beat your competitors, your business needs a rebrand. Failing to do so will turn off customers from buying your products. For example, if your business’ platforms lack color or high-quality images, your buyers won’t deem your business as reliable and your business won’t stand out.

Brand Identity

Your brand needs to face a united front. If you manage an outgoing team and want to attract creative potential employees, your brand needs to reflect that. If you’re a small business that sources only from other small businesses, make it known that you favor supporting small businesses. Customers need to know what you’re about, what your brand’s values are, and how it reflects in the way you conduct business.

Your Product List Changed?

If your business name reflects just some of the products you sell and you’ve since expanded that product list, your business name may need updating. “Dunkin’ Donuts”, for instance, is now “Dunkin’” to emphasize the fact that they now sell other kinds of food and a variety of drinks.

Here at Made in Fort Worth, we build websites and help with rebranding and social media. If you need help with a brand refresh or a full rebranding, use our inquiry form to get in touch and our team will help you scale your business and target the audience you’re trying to reach.

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