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4 SEO Tips You Can Do Yourself

By June 3, 2011No Comments

There are many small things you can do to help improve your search engine positioning and results – and often times small changes are more effective than big changes. These are 4 things you can do yourself without hiring an SEO firm.

Local Directories

Get yourself listed in local directories. This helps your customers find you, and let’s the write reviews about your business. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews – No business is perfect, and people understand that. When a searcher is looking for a product or service, the search engine wants to give them the most relevant result – relevant to their physical location, and a business with many positive reviews will probably get a higher position than one with fewer reviews. Make sure to take advantage of all these directories offer – upload photos of your business, staff, product, etc. Upload videos if they allow that, phone numbers, address, etc.

  1. Yelp
  2. Google Places
  3. Yahoo Local
  4. Address & Phone

Finally, it’s important that you list your physical address and phone number on each page. Typically the phone number at the top of each page, and the address and phone number at the bottom of each page.

These are 4 things you can probably do during lunch break, and will help Google and other search engines better understand and verify your location, which will help your website and business show up in search results for customers in your area.

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