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Web Design & Development for Reyes Group

The Backstory

When Reyes Group knocked on our door, we knew we were in for a fun ride. I mean, these guys have been shaping skylines and laying foundations since ’92. Their challenge? A custom WordPress site that does justice to their legacy.

The Mission

Craft a digital space that showcases Reyes Group’s decades of grit and grind. The site needed to be user-friendly, spotlight their incredible projects, and have a touch of that modern flair.

Our Approach

  1. Design & Development: We rolled up our sleeves and designed a WordPress site that’s equal parts Reyes and contemporary cool.
  2. Highlighting Projects: Showcased their impressive feats like the DFW Terminal F South Expansion. Because when you’ve done epic stuff, it’s gotta shine.
  3. Service Deep Dive: From general contracting to the nitty-gritty of concrete work, we made sure visitors get a clear snapshot of all that Reyes mojo.

The Outcome

A website that’s sleek, informative, and a tad bit cool. It perfectly marries Reyes Group’s rich history with today’s digital demands.

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Made in Fort Worth truly captured our company heritage and presented it beautifully. The new website is not just visually appealing but also seamlessly functional. It's an epitome of what happens when craftsmanship meets digital brilliance.

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