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Stand Out: Is Your Company Using QR Codes?

By May 18, 2011No Comments

You may have seen them – you might not have noticed them, or you might have wondered what they are. Using QR codes on marketing materials is quickly becoming more and more popular. They look like a bar code, but when scanned with your smart phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) they can take your user to a specified destination. It could be your website, it could be a conversion form, it could be a video, or it could even insert all your contact information directly into the users phone. Try scanning the QR code in this post, you’ll get the idea.

While there are many people who may not know what QR codes are, they stand out. They are different. They cause potential customers to ask, “What is that?”, and can be an easy transition into a sales dialogue.

Your Market is Crowded, Stand Out

Research indicates that some 30 million smartphone users have a QR code scanner on their phone. 32% of consumers in a recent survey said they’ve used QR codes. 70% said they plan on using QR codes again or for the first time. 53% used a QR code to find a coupon or get a deal, and 52% used it to find more information. While a large number of users may not use or understand QR codes, or maybe your customer base is not made up of techies, being different, standing out, and staying ahead of the curve will position you as a leader in your market, and will more often than not lead to more successful marketing campaigns, greater recognition, and ultimately more sales.

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