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Number 1 Reason People Won’t Buy From You

By August 1, 2011No Comments

According to a recent study by Stanford University, 46% of sales on the web are lost because websites that lack the critical elements that build value and trust with website visitors.

The number one reason people indicated why they would not buy from a website was because it had an unprofessional “look and feel” and that it lacked credibility and did not “feel” trustworthy.

Having a professional look will help convert significantly more of your website’s qualified visitors into new customers.

There is a science to the way people look at and respond to your website. It takes a strategic designer and developer who understand how visitors interact with and use websites if you want to maximize your website’s conversion potential.

Contact us today and we’ll conduct a free evaluation of your current website and give you free advice on what you can do to improve your website’s visual appearance.

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