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Facebook Shopping Carts – Worth It?

By April 12, 2011No Comments

A recent article by the Wall Street Journal cited a study by Forrester Research that suggested few small businesses that are using Facebook’s shopping cart system in place of a website with an e-commerce component are receiving any significant results.

The only way to get potential customers, or fans, on your page, is to advertise. That costs money – money that could be invested in a website and search engine optimization.

One of the problems with using Facebook as your e-commerce platform is that users of Facebook log on for socializing – not necessarily to purchase items. You may also run into the common problem of having a small fan count on your page – people don’t want to buy what isn’t popular.

A better strategy would be to take that time and money and invest it in a true website with e-commerce capability. The great thing about having your own website, independent of Facebook, is that your business is no longer seen as “small” – You have a legitimate presence on the internet, and one that can be found through natural, organic web searches. You will have a much wider reach with your website versus just having a Facebook page.

These days where money is tight and advertising budgets are even tighter, the best return on investment is still investing in your website. Give us a call or send us an email today and let us help you reach your goals!

WSJ – Selling Via Facebook Benefits Few, Study Finds
Forrester Research – Will Facebook Ever Drive eCommerce?

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