Burnett Oil

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Burnett Oil Project

Project Overview

In 2014, we embarked on a unique journey with Burnett Oil, a company deeply rooted in Texas’ illustrious history. Our mission? To craft a WordPress website that encapsulates both the company’s rich legacy and its forward-facing approach to the oil and gas industry.


Burnett Oil, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is a privately held oil and gas titan, operational since 1981. Though the company employs the latest technological advancements, it cherishes a lineage dating back to the late 19th century.


To design a platform that offers an in-depth view of Burnett Oil’s active drill sites and properties across the country, while seamlessly integrating sections devoted to its leadership, heritage, and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Historical Significance

The story of Burnett Oil is intertwined with that of the legendary 6666 (Four Sixes) Ranch in Texas. Captain Samuel “Burk” Burnett, the pioneer behind both ventures, embarked on his journey in 1870 by acquiring 100 cattle stamped with the “6666” brand. This acquisition burgeoned into Burnett Ranches LLC, encompassing a staggering 260,000 acres across Texas, and etching its name into Texas folklore.


We pride ourselves on delivering a website that does justice to the blend of Burnett Oil’s esteemed past and its modern aspirations. Users can now navigate through an interactive map detailing the company’s active sites, delve into the leadership’s vision, and get acquainted with a piece of Texas legend.

To have collaborated with Burnett Oil, bringing a piece of Texas history to the digital forefront, has been a privilege for our team at Made in Fort Worth. Our shared dedication to excellence ensured the project’s success, and we are excited to see Burnett Oil continue to make waves in the industry.